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VR Headset Innovation for Use in Theme Parks Introduced by VR Coaster and Sensics

Theme parks will gain another big boost in how they cater to their excitement-driven guests via the introduction of a new all-in-one VR headset created by VR Coaster and Sensics.  The latest VR headset innovation brings together two leaders in the VR industry, the former based in Germany and the latter based in Maryland.

VR Coaster, a leading company in extending roller coasters and rides with virtual reality, holds the patent for using mobile VR headsets on any kind of coasters or rides.  They combine virtual reality with real forces, real drops and real airtime to create a totally new ride experience that changed the entire theme park industry.  Maryland based Sensics designs, builds and supports VR products for special applications having served hundreds of global customers since 2003.

Specifically, the new RideVR™ headset increases attraction throughput which benefits operators by reducing the time between rides that in turn boosts revenue via more guests.  The operational enhancements at the theme parks via the new headset being deployed in 2018 come from years of VR experience of the two companies in this specialized area that includes assessing millions of guest experiences.

The RideVR all-in-one headset brings a range of other benefits to operators such as an inexpensive face mask that is hypo-allergenic, reusable and machine washable, allowing operators to replace it with a fresh mask as often as desired.  Also, the RideVR battery is separate from the processing unit, so operators can charge batteries while keeping the processing unit in use, or alternatively use a power cord for operations without batteries.

"We combined VR Coaster's operational experience with Sensics' product expertise to meet the precise requirements of operators," says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. "There is a gap between what consumer headsets deliver and what theme parks need. The new RideVR closes this gap."

VR Coaster was founded by renowned German roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides, Europa-Park Owner Michael Mack and Prof. Thomas Wagner from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Inventor of the VR Coaster System and CEO of the startup company.

VR Coaster has equipped more than 40 parks worldwide and holds the patent for using mobile VR headsets on rides.  RideVR is a trademark of Sensics and VR Coaster.