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AI Hardware Expected to Show Significant Growth Bolstered by New Product Innovation

A new report from market intelligence firm Tractica examining the hardware infrastructure supporting Artificial Intelligence found that many new hardware products designed specifically for AI will emerge i...

Retail Industry Disruption Addressed in First Insight Study, Gender Gap Found

A research report by First Insight, a product strategy company, focusing on disruption in the retail industry reported that men are not engaging in online shopping as often as women, instead preferring t...

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Jobs, Microsoft President Brad Smith Addresses the Challenges of Disruptive Technologies

On March 1st Microsoft president Brad Smith gave a guest lecture at Princeton University about the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our society.  Referencing Microsoft’s recently release...

Judgment Relating to High Tech Trade Secrets Yields Large Award to HouseCanary

Trial Litigation firm Susman Godfrey won a legal battle for real estate analytics firm HouseCanary against Quicken Loans affiliate,Title Source. After seven weeks, the twelve person jury found unanim...

Fintech Social Payment Charity Platform Goodworld Partners with Verrency Establishing Global Partnership

Fintech Goodworld, a social payment charity platform, and payment innovator Verrency jointly announced a new partnership on March 13th.  The combination of Verrency’s banking payment services with Goodworld’s c...

Smart Appliance Market in IoT May be Ready for Growth, Navigant Research Reports

The market for smart appliances stands “poised for growth”, according to a report from Navigant Research. By examining the shift in the smart appliance market as part of the smart home IoT trend, the report, ...

Digital Health Services Experiencing Growing Acceptance as Part of Patient Care, Accenture 2018 Consumer Survey Reveals

A new survey from global professional services company Accenture revealed that consumer comfort with digital-based health services is growing, advancing new models in care that bring together patients, machines an...

Gender Gap in Computer Science Narrowing, According to HackerRank Report

Good news is emerging in the struggle to have more women engaged in computer science.  HackerRank, a technical hiring platform, just released a report revealing that the gender gap in compu...

Advances in Automation Technologies Leads to Record Setting Growth, Association Reports

Advances in automation technologies in the areas of robotics, machine vision and motion control are being embraced across a variety of new industries, serving as a major contributor to the record setting growt...

Gender Parity is Focus of The Conference Board’s Women Leadership Conference

The Conference Board is gathering senior executives from industry leading companies to discuss how to advance gender parity at the upcoming Women Leadership Conference to be held on May 1st and 2nd in New York Cit...

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