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National News

First-Of-Its-Kind Restaurant Revenue Growth Conference hosts Expert Panel Led by ezCater

Nationwide catering platform ezCater announced that Jim Rand, their Catering Practice Leader, will lead a panel of experts at the first-of-its-kind Restaurant Revenue Growth Conference. This new event will help senio...

Twelve Tech Startups Selected to Receive $72 Million in New Investment from Intel Capital at Annual Summit

During last week’s Intel Capital Global Summit that gathered 1,000 venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and tech executives in Palm Desert, California, Intel Capital selected 12 technology startups to receiv...

Artificial Intelligence Expected to Drive Telecom Efficiencies, Reaching $36.7 billion Annually in Investment

Telecom network operators are being faced with both market and economic pressures that over the next seven years will push them towards greater use of artificial intelligence-driven solutions.  Market ...

Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles Pushes Parallel Domain’s Virtual Training Technology Forward

Safety is emerging as the paramount challenge associated with the ongoing progress of autonomous vehicle technology. Great focus is now being placed on the significant amount of testing required for driver...

Innovative Transportation Technology Projected to Impact Lifestyles, Also Bringing Investment Opportunities

Transportation technology is bringing change and that includes impacting the choices and decisions of everyday life. In a report just issued by MetLife Investment Management, new transportation technology will influe...

Expensify Announces New AI-Powered Audit and Compliance Tool

Expensify announced this past week the launch of their AI-driven audit and compliance tool called Concierge DoubleCheck.  It is the latest addition to the extensive Concierge toolset that is Expensify’...

Artificial Intelligence Skills Gap Revealed in O’Reilly Survey

The 2018 Artificial Intelligence (AI) survey, “How Companies Are Putting AI to Work Through Deep Learning” explores the adoption of tools and techniques used to build AI applications. It also addresses the barr...

A Study Using AI to Track Cognitive Change in Older Adults Receives $900K Grant from the BIRD Foundation

Those who are conducting research to find cures for conditions impacting brain function and cognition are now seeing Artificial Intelligence as an important tool in their efforts. This week MyndYou anno...

Morgan Stanley’s 2018 Multicultural Innovation Lab Selects Startups for its Second Cohort

Out of 300 applicants from all over the globe, ten startups have been selected to participate in the second cohort of the prestigious Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab. The acceler...

Leadership Program for Scientists Inaugurates with 2018 Schmidt Science Fellows

Fourteen inaugural members of the 2018-2019 Schmidt Science Fellows were introduced at a special event held at the Apella Alexandria Center for Life Science in New York City on April 23rd. This newly launched lea...

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