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Mayo Civic Center to Hold $100K THINK BIG Challenge during Transform 2015

On October 1st, six entrepreneurial healthcare firms will go head-to-head as finalists in the $100,000 THINK BIG Challenge sponsored by Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI), Mayo Ventures and AVIA Health Innovation. As part of Mayo Clinic CFI's Transform 2015, a three-day conference from Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, the innovative ideas presented in this competition will contribute to this year's theme, People Power Health. The event will focus on transforming traditional medical practices to accommodate individual patient needs.

Each finalist will present to the attendees of Transform 2015, demonstrating how innovations in two categories will enhance the future of healthcare. The two categories are:

Got Health - promoting health maintenance and prevention

I Am Not My Disease - helping people with chronic illnesses live better, productive lives

Transform attendees will determine the winner of the conference by casting a vote for a team in each category on their smartphones. The selected finalists, as described in the event's press release, are:

Got Health category:

Care at Hand, San Francisco, CA & Rockwell, MD - Evidence-based smart survey and analytics platform that predicts and prevents hospitalizations using non-clinical workers. "¨

Dātu Health, Boulder, CO - Persuasion Engine, a digital platform for engaging consumers daily in their health with the goal of influencing the biggest driver of adverse health outcomes: people's everyday behavior. "¨

Seiva Technologies, Milwaukee, WI - Compression garments with embedded sensors and electronics that wirelessly transmit neuromuscular responses anywhere on the body; data is analyzed into patterns of optimal performance, understanding of imbalances and overcompensation and dynamic program design."¨


I am Not My Disease category:

Livongo, Mountain View, CA - Reinventing the management of chronic conditions by blending technology, real-time information and human support to make life easier for people with chronic conditions, starting with diabetes."¨

physIQ, Chicago, IL - The VitaLink remote monitoring solution uses passive, sensor-based monitoring and advanced analytics to transform continuous vital sign data into an early warning system for heart failure and respiratory exacerbation.  "¨

Wellpepper, Seattle, WA - A clinically validated platform for digital patient treatment plans that enables health systems to implement their own care pathways and protocols and collect patient reported outcomes. "¨


To learn more about the competition and for further dtails on the conference visit