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Intuition Robotics Launches AI-Driven Social Robot Addressing Quality of Life of Aging Population

For those who are concerned about an aging loved one, new robotic technology is coming that will make their quality of life better. ElliQ, the active aging companion robot developed by Intuition Robotics is intended to help older adults live healthier, more satisfying, and more independent lives.  The AI driven social robot for older adults won the award for CES Best of Innovation Honoree - Smart Home category as part of its demonstration at CES 2018 to a select audience.

The ElliQ helps older adults by tuning into their personalities to suggest music, videos, news articles, cognitive games and other content that will be of interest to them. This helps keep their minds engaged by presenting them with stimuli that they will enjoy. Other benefits of the ElliQ include: promoting physical health by giving suggestions for exercises, reminding seniors to take medications, and helping to keep older adults more connected to their loved ones by reminding them to call.

Most important, the ElliQ system allows seniors to improve their cognitive and physical health without having to be dependent on a nurse or an aid, giving them healthier and happier lives.

"Our mission with ElliQ is to harness the proactive power of cognitive computing to empower older adults to overcome the digital divide, and pursue an active lifestyle," says Dor Skuler, CEO and Founder of Intuition Robotics. "We are fortunate to have been working with many older adults to develop ElliQ's features and user experience, to meet their needs. Now, we are excited to begin the beta program as the next step on our way to a 2018 launch."

The Beta program of ElliQ  will be tested on seniors in California and Florida over a multi-week intensive period to see how the program helps with and incorporates into the seniors’ and their families’ everyday lives.  The program will be assessed as to how it could be improved before releasing it to the general public. So far, of all the older adults that have used ElliQ, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so hopes are high for the Beta program.

Investors include: Samsung NEXT, SPARX Group, Glory Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, iRobot, Bloomberg Beta, and Israeli-based venture capital firms.

Intuition Robotics is based in Tel Aviv and recently opened an office in San Francisco.