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SelfStudy’s AI-Powered Content and Adaptive Learning Platform Set for Licensing

AI help is now on the way for professional societies and scholarly publishers, thanks to a new and first ever AI-powered cloud platform introduced by California-based SelfStudy, Inc., a learning-optimization technology company.  Their platform helps users reduce costs and increase speed-to-market of individualized content discovery and learning, and training programs-- that includes certification and test preparation.  The platform is now available for licensing, according to the company’s press statement.

The company’s licensing announcement follows its closing of a $3 million seed round earlier this month led by the International Anesthesiology Research Society (IARS).  The funds will be used by SelfStudy to bring its innovative platform to market and fund development of additional enhancements.

“We built SelfStudy360 to transform the way organizations deliver their content and formal learning programs,” said SelfStudy CEO Brenda McLaughlin. “Our mission is to accelerate the mastery of new knowledge through personalized learning. To achieve that goal we use proven education methodologies and the most advanced technology available so professionals can always have the knowledge they need to be the best at what they do.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology played an important role in the development of the platform called SelfStudy360.  The university created the dynamic item response theory algorithms that were integrated with machine learning---enabling each user and their community to be assessed---and in real-time select the most relevant multimedia content for them.  Such timely response improves mastery and the retention of new knowledge.  Likened to GPS navigation software, users are kept on the optimal path at all times to facilitate knowledge building and the earning of credits to attain certification.

Artificial intelligence enables real-time content matching and presentation that supports a range of learning approaches, from self-directed learning, formal courses or unit-based instruction, to traditional practical training programs. Learners are consistently challenged and engaged, while their progress is tracked.

The IARS is using the platform, having initiated its development and leading the seed funding round. It is being used to deliver personalized IARS content and adaptive continuing medical education (CME) programs to its members. The website that is a comprehensive resource for anesthesiology residents and physicians worldwide is using the platform, leading to the licensing announcement.